Issue 6


ISSUE 6 spring, 2022

This was the final issue of Frost Zone Zine before our indefinite hiatus, and we could not have been happier with the results.
This issue featured only women writers, coinciding with 'Women in Horror Month", though we must stress: women horror writers should be read year-round! 

Fiction: Koji A. Dae, Megan M Davies-Ostrom, Ara Hone, Serena Jayne, Eve Morton, Laura Nettles, Katherine Quevedo, Elyse Russell, Manisha Sahoo

Poetry: Carolyn Clink, Angela Croudace, Amelia Gorman, Miriam H. Harrison, Alicia Hilton, Frances Pauli, Jessica Peter, Meg Smith, Marcie Lynn Tentchoff

Table of Contents

Blood, Ashes, Wine Megan M. Davies-Ostrom

The Other Side Angela Croudace

Death’s Door Eve Morton

Necklace Carolyn Clink

Void Serena Jayne

Bast of Martyrs Meg Smith

Birth of the Living Night Elyse Russell

A Lament for the Times Before Jessica Peter

Tree Eyes Katherine Quevedo

Confessions of a Lycanthrope Frances Pauli

Harmonies of Fungi Manisha Sahoo

She Nurtured a Monstrous Thirst Alicia Hilton

Casting Koji A. Dae

Pushing Boundaries Marcie Lynn Tentchoff

Fairy Godmother Laura Nettles

The Saint is a Witch, the Witch Confesses Amelia Gorman

Death Angel Style Ara Hone

Think Me Helpless Miriam H. Harrison

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